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After learning his trade in the footwear industry, Michel Perry designed his first personal collection of women’s shoes in 1987. With this collection, he expressed his unique vision at a time when creative shoemaking was virtually nonexistent.

As a result of his and other designers’ efforts, the context has changed much, but Michel Perry has stayed true to his first loves and inspirations: the street, rock culture, know-how and style.

Appointed artistic director of J.M. Weston in 2001, Michel Perry has a taste for unexpected twists, playing respectfully with tradition and a sense of nonchalant elegance. For him, timeless style and comfort are not mutually exclusive. Technically, Perry gets from his bootmaker knowledge a relevant position on improving innovative designs and structures.


February 10th  2012

What sparked your interest in designing shoes and contributing to the professional shoe making industry?

Designing a shoe allows you to define a philosophy of life through the drawings. It contributes to masculine elegance, which is above all part of a way of life, rather than fashion.

Do you use any popular elements from designing clothes in the making of your shoes? How do you combine them?

Unlike a clothing designer who bases his shoe designs on his garments, a shoe designer must adapt to different styles. J.M. Weston customers must be able to wear their shoes with any designer’s clothing, to create a unique style.

What are the most interesting aspects of your job?

Writing the beginnings of a story on a blank page to define its general mood, through shapes, directions and details. All this with the aim of revealing its strength and distinctiveness.

How important are shoes to you? Do you have any advice for men when choosing shoes?

There are two concepts in the definition of shoes: dressing and protecting the foot. The two can live alongside each other, thanks to the magic of J.M. Weston.

The most important thing for me is to stay true to your tastes, to yourself. You must manage to reconcile comfort and elegance, without neglecting the latter, and wear shoes that match your body shape.

To allow you to do so, J.M. Weston offers different styles that can adapt to the individual, with a real concern for elegance.

How do you add new elements whilst still maintaining
J.M. Weston’s classic design and tradition?

Without revolutionising the brand’s identity, we work on the slenderness of the shapes and the subtlety of the details. Once the shoe has been created, all of these touches ensure that the models fall in line with tradition yet fit the modern age.

These additions must be subtle, blending into the man’s overall look. It would be a mistake for the shoes to become too obvious and thus a caricature.



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AVRIL 2017

For Spring/Summer 2017, le Moc’ Weston women collection is enriched with new muted colors for a casual and stylish summer.
Available in supple grained calfskin, le Moc’ Weston is adorned with powder pink, indigo blue and gold: these are mineral shades that softly emphasize the elegant lines of the loafer.
These new versions offer a complete color range to infuse freedom and lightness to the urban style of the woman J.M. Weston.


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MARS 2017

J.M. Weston reasserts its attachment to film-making with Le Beau Dormant.
Dancer Alexia Giordano is acting while musician Oxmo Puccino is directing and Omar Sy, the new idol of French cinema, here embodies the vision of a contemporary, sleeping Prince Charming.
As for the now iconic Le Moc’ by Weston, it is unveiled for the first time in deep pink calfskin suede.


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J.M. Weston’s introduces the new trainer.
With its retro inspiration, the new trainer matches modern colors and a honey-colored rubber sole that echoes the sportswear spirit of the collection.
It is in line with the house’s codes: the know-how and the discreet elegance can be read through the leather work and details.
Available in five tones, in grained or suede calfskin, the new trainer offers a wide range of possibilities to the J.M. Weston Man who wants to inject casualness and style to his silhouette.

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